Avance® NPWT system
Increased comfort and less pain

The Avance® NPWT system is designed to be more convenient for health care professionals and patients. It offers more comfort and prevents unnecessary pain.

The Avance Pump is lightweight and comes with a discreet carrying case and a unique docking station for easy recharging.

Two canister sizes (300 and 800 ml) can be used on the same pump, and the wide range of dressing kits minimise pain thanks to Safetac® technology

An effective seal is maintained by the liquid soft silicone sealant Mepiseal®. Perfect wherever you need added fixation and sealing, such as difficult-to-dress wound areas. Mepiseal which prevents exudate spreading, causing skin irritation, maceration and infection.

Safetac technology means less pain and trauma at dressing changes, with minimised risk of maceration and periwound blisters

Convenient – one system can be used for all wound types, in hospital or at home

Choice of wound fillers – foam or gauze1

Quiet, lightweight and portable, Avance offers improved patient comfort

Easy to use Avance Film with Safetac – repositionable with no loss of adhesion

When to use Avance NPWT system
The system is indicated for patients with:
  • Chronic wounds including pressure ulcers
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Venous leg ulcers
  • Partial-thickness burns
  • Dehisced wounds
  • Flaps and grafts
  • Traumatic; Surgical (sternal/abdominal/extremity)
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