Wound sealant – Mepiseal®
Secure with care
Achieving and maintaining a seal is essential for any negative pressure wound therapy(NPWT) treatment. Mepiseal is part of Mölnlycke Health Care’s Avance® system and allows you to secure any wound with confidence – forming a seal that prevents exudate from spreading. This self-curing wound sealant uses the Safetac® technology, which means less pain for the patient.1

Perfect wherever additional fixation and sealing properties are needed

Flexible use with Avance or any other NPWT system

Easy to use

Introduction to Mepiseal

Flexible, easy-to-use wound sealant for more effective NPWT

The Mepiseal single-use applicator is simple, fast and easy to use. Once Mepiseal is activated, it will remain fluid and ready to use for 5 minutes, then it will cure.

1. Dry skin
Ensure the skin is thoroughly dry before applying Mepiseal.
2. Place the wound-filler
Place the foam or gauze dressing in the wound. If using a drain, follow the Avance instructions for use.
3. Activate Mepiseal
Twist the green cap anti-clockwise.
4. Position Mepiseal
Press the plunger to apply Mepiseal. Allow a minimum 5 mm of space from the wound margin. Apply approx. 1 cm wide and 2–5 mm thick. You can also spread Mepiseal using the tip of the applicator.
5. Apply the film dressing
Apply the film dressing immediately on top of the wound dressing and Mepiseal onto the surrounding skin.
6. Apply the NPWT
Apply the negative pressure according to the instructions for using Avance.
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