Self-adhesive dressings – Mepore®
Easy-to-use dressing with increased comfort and wear time
Mepore®, the world's first self-adhesive dressing, is gentle, secure and long lasting. Mepore is easy to apply and it has rounded corners and a protective layer. With its good absorption qualities Mepore is suitable for treatment of low to moderately exuding wounds like surgical incisions, minor burns, cuts and abrasions. You can always depend on Mepore.

Good absorption and solvent-free adhesive

Gentle and secure fixation, rounded corners and protective layer

Increased comfort and wear time

Flexible fabric that conforms well to body contours

Made of a nonwoven viscose and coated with a polymer layer
Water-based polyacrylate adhesive
Gentle and secure self-adhesive dressing
Fitted with rounded corners and protective layer
Great absorption qualities
Low adherent wound contact layer
Sterile unless inner package is damaged or opened prior to use

When to use Mepore

Skin-friendly, water based, solvent-free adhesive for gentle and secure fixation. Fitted with two pieces of protective overlapping release paper that allow for aseptic application. For treatment of low to moderately exuding wounds, such as surgical wounds, cuts and abrasions. Do not apply Mepore under tension, particularly important when applied over joints.
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